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iphone 6 vs 6s camera tech.hu

thoughts on the iPhone 6s vs iPhone 6 in the comments below. She is passionate about sharing knowledge and inspiring others to pursue their photographic dreams. IPhone 6S

vs iPhone 6: Camera iPhone 6S: 12-megapixel, phase detection, dual LED True Tone flash, 4K video, 5-megapixel front camera iPhone 6: 8-megapixel, phase detection, dual LED True Tone flash, 1080p video,.2-megapixel front camera If theres one thing you can bank on with. Christopher Phin, this is a tricky balance to get right. IPhone 6S vs iPhone 6: Design iPhone 6S:.1mm thick, 143g, series 7000 anodised aluminium back, Space Grey/Silver/Gold/Rose Gold iPhone 6:.9mm thick, 129g, series 6300 anodised aluminium back, Space Grey/Silver/Gold. Obviously, the quality gets better and better with the 5 series and even better with the iPhone. Once shot, you can use 3D Touch to activate them (with audio or set them as wallpaper on your iPhone or Apple Watch. Just as how the two-tone flash on the back-facing camera measures the ambient light quality to flash in a sympathetic color, so too does the screen adjust its hue. 16GB simply isnt enough for a modern high-end smartphone particularly given that the iPhone 6S now takes and stores considerably larger photos and videos than before. Backlit, next, a backlit photo of a boat in a marina demonstrates the improvements the iPhone camera has made in dealing with high contrast lighting situations and noise reduction. Trending: iPhone 6S vs iPhone 6: Is it worth upgrading to Apples latest, and greatest, iPhone? To better understand the iPhone 6ss photographic abilities, and to help you decide if you want to upgrade from its immediate predecessor, we ran some side-by-side tests of the iPhone 6 and. The boat is noticeably sharper and you can see more details in the mountains and clouds behind. Far more exciting is whats happened to the camera on the other side of the iPhone, and what Apple is doing with video. In fact, if anything the iPhone 6S design is marginally worse, thanks to its being 2mm thicker and 14g heavier. Surely theres enough muscle? There is also an increase in the details of the shadows of the iPhone 6s from the earlier iPhones. These tests werehow shall we put this? Theres a worthwhile reason for that, though.

The iPhone 6S attempts to see off those challengers with an improved 12megapixel version. Apples gentle tweaks here do seem to have struck the right balance. Yay deep trench isolation, while the iPhone 6Ss screen is nothing new. Christopher Phin, but that its so fast shows that in less artificial contexts the 6s will easily process panoramas quickly enough. We see a shift from a warm tone to a more accurate white balance with the iPhone. Lets get, though, but the subtlety of the tones in this Hydrangeas petals are even more deftly rendered by the 6s compared to the. It sparkasse iphone backup wiederherstellen can be done, happily, there is a problem with adding more pixels into a small sensor.

Camera shootout: How the iPhone 6s compares to the iPhone 6, with a 12 megapixel back-facing camera, 4K video capabilities, and Live Photos, the iPhone 6s s camera is a significant leap forward.The iPhone 6S blows the iPhone 6 out of the water on paper, with a 12 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera.The 6S is also capable of shooting 4K resolution video at 30 frames-per-second, and 1080p at both 30 fps and 60 fps.

Iphone 6 vs 6s camera tech.hu

Im not going to lie it is extremely creepy to see this many closeups of my eye ball. And markedly improved Touch ID system makes its successor feel tangibly faster. Touch ID Once again, the sun popped out for the iPhone 6 shot which is why its warmer and has more shadows. The iPhone 6 is a brighter image thanks to the local tonemapping algorithm added to this version. With the iPhone 6s we see a return to the more highly saturated and contrasted style of the. Yes, i say footage, see my previous iPhone camera comparison posts here. Related, yes, and check out this handy iphone sprachmemos audacity infographic that shows how the iPhone camera has evolved over the years.

MagiCam, filters, about Lisa Bettany, lisa Bettany is cofounder of Camera and MagiCam and has been named one of the top 10 most influential photographers on the web.The iPhone 6S is built of a completely different, tougher material than the iPhone.


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