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install mac os sierra on usb

have your external drive, and the Sierra beta installer is in place. Dont use any spaces in the name. If your really dont want to use Terminal, there

are a couple of free apps you can use. Amazon ) and an old 8GB Iomega Micro Mini Hard Drive. Install Disk Creator is a straightforward way to create a boot disk. Sudo /Applications/Install macOS Sierra. The installer software will take up nearly 5GB of storage space. Click on the external drive and hit Return. Be sure to properly eject the drive if you plan to use it on a different Mac. (You dont need to select a network install mac os sierra on usb to proceed.). Once it has downloaded, follow these steps to create a USB bootable installer. Get an external drive, you can use a USB flash drive or a hard drive with room for the installer software. 01 of 02, how to Create a Bootable Installer of macOS Sierra. But you need to have another hard drive or volume that you can use for installing macOS. App -nointeraction Once you've entered the command into Terminal, press enter or return on your keyboard. Youll see that Terminal erases your drive. In order to avoid any permanent problems, I highly recommend that you perform a backup of both your Mac and the media (USB flash drive or external drive) that you will be using.

Launch it, enter the following command, download the macOS Sierra installation package from the Mac App Store. Your Mac is compatible with Sierra. OS X and macOS have had the capability to create install media for quite a while. Look just below the OS X version number in the Overview tab if the Mac model name is the same or a later model year than the one shown in the compatibility list above. Create a bootable flash drive with macOS Sierra.

WiFi passwords, name the USB drive" settings. Start the Installation of macOS Sierra on the Nonstartup drive Launch the Installer from Applications folder. Or is already empty, install macOS Sierra Public Beta, with the name. Append any serial numbers you might need. Step 3, it will display a line saying Done.

You could clean it up manually, but using a cleaning app like.What You Need, a copy of the macOS Sierra installer, available from the Mac App Store.


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