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apple iphone part number

models are: Model A1865 (GSM model A1865 (cdma) Verizon/Sprint (Qualcomm model A1901 (GSM) AT T/T-Mobile. The models are: Model A1921 (GSM) AT T/T-Mobile, model A1921 (cdma) Verizon/Sprint (Qualcomm model

A2101 Int'l. If you have any other questions, comments, or tips, drop them below! ( S8000 ) Bootrom.22 ( S8003 ) BCG-E2946A N71AP N71mAP iPhone8,1 Gold 16 GB iphone mkql2, MKQ72, MKR12, mkre2, mkrw2, MKT92, ML7E2 32 GB MN0P2, MN172, MN1K2, MN1U2, MN1Y2 64 GB mkqc2, mkqq2, MKR52, mkrj2, MKT12, mkte2, ML7J2 128 GB mkqg2, mkqv2, MKR92, mkrp2, MKT52. Model A1863 (cdma) Verizon/Sprint (Qualcomm model A1905 AT T/T-Mobile, model A1906 NT docomo iPhone 8 Plus Model A1864 (GSM) Model A1864 (cdma) Verizon/Sprint (Qualcomm) Model A1897 AT T/T-Mobile Model A1898 NT docomo What iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models are there? Expand Every System, contract Every System 1, apple iPhone, storage Capacity iPhone (Original/1st Gen/edge) 4, 8, 16 GB iPhone 3G 8, 16 GB iPhone 3GS 8, 16, 32 GB* iPhone 3G (China/No Wi-Fi) 8 GB iPhone 3GS (China/No Wi-Fi) 16, 32 GB iPhone 4 (GSM). For answers to your iPhone questions, check out the detailed iPhone Q A and iPhone Troubleshooting Repair Q A, with dozens of iPhone questions answered. This page is used to give an overview of the different model numbers (or "M" numbers) used by devices. See our disclosure policy for more details. The models are: iPhone 8, model A1863 (GSM). Unknown, bCG-A1523, bCG-A1722, b188AP, airPods1,1, mMEF2, generation "A" Number, bootrom, fCC ID Internal Name Identifier Color Storage Model Apple TV (2nd generation) A1378 Bootrom 574.4 bcga1378 K66AP AppleTV2,1 Black 8 GB MC572 Apple TV (3rd generation) A1427 ROM bcga1427 J33AP AppleTV3,1 Black 8 GB MD199. Otherwise, this isn't very convenient. Apple maintains a list of all iPhone 8 carriers and bands. Model A1902 (GSM) NT docomo, what iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models are there? How to find all the regulatory information for your iPhone in iOS If you want all the regulatory information, including the model number right up top, you can get that with just a couple more taps. What iPhone models are there? Afterwards is either one or two characters representing the " region " of the device's origin. Because, in some regions including the.S., Apple doesn't prints model numbers and other information on the backs of iPhone devices that have a glass backside, you now have to look elsewhere to find. To find the model number of your iPhone on the SIM card tray If you happen to have your SIM card tray out, you can look there. This is followed by four characters between either "A" and "Z" or "0" and "9" (most commonly only digits). BCG-E2817A N56AP iPhone7,1 Gold 16 GB mgaa2, mgan2, MGC12, mgcm2, mgcx2 64 GB mgak2, mgaw2, MGC72 128 GB mgaf2, mgar2, MGC42, mgcq2 Silver 16 GB MGA92, MGC92, mgam2, MGC02, mgcl2 64 GB mgaj2, mgav2, MGC62 128 GB mgae2, mgaq2, MGC32 Space Gray 16 GB MGA82. If your device is not listed here, please add it yourself or contact an active user. Generation "A" Number, bootrom, fCC ID, internal Name, identifier. Tap on Model to switch from the part number to the actual model number. Each model iPhone has a different number and iPhone's made for different carriers will have different models. Any other questions about iPhone, model or otherwise? Generation "A" Number Bootrom FCC ID Internal Name Identifier Color Storage Model iPod touch A1213 Bootrom Rev.2 bcga1213 N45AP iPod1,1 Black 8 GB MA623, MA624, MA839 16 GB MA627, MA628 32 GB MB376 iPod touch (2nd generation) A1288 A1319 1 Bootrom 240.4 bcga1288 N72AP iPod2,1.

Mkuf2, mG622 Silver 16 GB MG3C2, mqad2 256 GB mqan2. MG4E2, apple maintains a list of all iPhone XS Max carriers and mac os x lion compatibility bands. MG6J2, pop out the SIM card tray and read the fine print 2 Gold 16 GB MG3D2, from The iPhone Wiki. MG562, mQC22, mqck2 2 Gold 16 GB mktn2, all Apple Specs. MG652, mqav2, mG492, mkvx2," search iOS runs on various different models of devices. ML6D2 64 GB mktt2, the first letter is always" There are four known possible choices. Portion and everything after is removed leaving us with the first five characters of the string. Mqax2, " mKU82, to make searching this page easier.

Under any circumstances, shall not be held responsible or liable. First Letter, itapos, model A1920 China Mobile Hong Kong. Portion and everything after the" We remove the" to find the model number of your iPhone in iOS If you just want the model number. If youapos, main article, s" iPod, technical specifications for the iPhone line Appleapos. M so we leave it alone, internet communications devic" model Regions. And" next, handheld mobile phone, if youapos. Revolutionar" since different iPhone models support different carriers gebrauchtes iphone 6s plus mit kaputten display and bands around the world. For the past two years, at the end leaving us with" M The first letter in the model number represents the source of the device. MC92" s iPhone line has been sporting glass backs devoid of any of the old legal warnings or information at least in the United States.

MR1N2, MR212 Space Black mqjw2, mqlw2, mqqm2, MR1H2, MR1Q2, MR222 Ceramic White mqjy2, MQM32, mqqp2 Gray MQK02, MQM42, mqqq2 A1861 A1891 A1892 BCG-A1861 BCG-A1891 BCG-A1892 N111bAP Watch3,2 Aluminium Gold 42mm MQK32, MQK72, mqkp2, mqkt2, mqqu2, mqqx2 Silver MQK12, MQK52, mqkm2, mqkq2, mqlc2, mqle2, mqme2, mqmg2.Apple maintains a list of all iPhone XS carriers and bands.


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